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Organizing service in Amarillo, TX

Professional Organizer in Amarillo, TX

Do you have an extra closet that you continually throw things in because you can’t find room for them? What about shelves in your office that look as if a tornado just passed by? Is your fridge over-crowded and you can’t find the energy or motivation to get in there and sort out the mess?

Let’s be honest, finding time to tackle those projects is difficult and takes some planning, but you’re in luck! Our crew at Classic Cleaning does more than just clean. We offer a professional organization service to arrange your belongings so you can focus your attention on more important matters and get back on track without the distraction.

Our highly skilled experts know just how to maximize your space in order to minimize the time you spend searching for your belongings. Time is valuable, so make sure you’re using your time on things that matter most to you and let us take care of what we can.

Our professionals are experts on organization and use their skills to turn your home or office into a functional, clutter-free environment to live and work in. Most of the time, after a long day of work, we like to sit back and kick up our feet to relax. We work to put repeatable systems in place for you so that you don’t have to spend your time and what’s left of your energy searching for the TV remote. Instead, you’ll be able to flick off your shoes, sit down, and reach over to find the remote in its designated spot with the help of Classic Cleaning’s professional organizers.

Areas often needing organized include:

Kitchen counters, cabinetry, refrigerator and pantry

Bathrooms counters and cabinetry

Children’s rooms

Office space

Closets and shelving

Storage rooms

Garage space

And more! Contact us today and start your journey to a chaos-free home.

The organization process

Before we can begin the actual organizing, we must first assess the situation.

While being taken on a walkthrough of your space, our professionals will analyze the areas that require attention and begin visualizing a system that will work best for you. After constructing a plan, we will begin the hands-on part and get to organizing.

As we work, it will be easier to understand the area and what needs to be implemented in order to make the space as functional as possible. Our professionals might suggest shelving or organizational tools of such nature in order to better maximize the space.

To ensure your satisfaction, we will lead you on a walkthrough of the space after it has been completed.

To declutter is our bread and butter

We work hard to tame the clutter, but how long before it begins falling back into what it was before you contracted us out for our expertise? Of course, life is ever-changing and unpredictable, so it’s easy to let organization in your home slip through the cracks. That is why we implement specialized systems which work best for each individual client to keep their space nice and tidy for as long as they please.

Get Organized!