Starlight Canyon

Starlight Canyon is a wedding venue and bed and breakfast at 100 Brentwood Rd in Amarillo, TX, 79118 near the Timbercreek Volunteer Fire department at 101 N Timbercreek Dr B, and the Timbercreek Canyon VFD at 201 S Timbercreek Dr. It is located in the north part of Timbercreek Canyon and to the west of the Palisades. A staff member can be contacted at (806) 622-2382 for any questions you may have regarding availability and pricing. While there are no hours of operation listed on the website or Google Business listing, the venue asks visitors to call ahead before they visit.

With 4.8 stars on Goolge out of 164 reviews, Starlight Canyon seems like the perfect place to have a scenic wedding that showcases the beauty of the Texas Panhandle. The venue sits on six acres of land in the northern part of Palo Duro Canyon which allows for the gorgeous scenery. Elm trees of nearly a century old surround the establishment and give a pop of green in contrast to the canyon walls of differing earthy colors. Accommodations are made per each individuals request if the venue can make it happen. WiFi is available to both wedding and overnight guests.

In addition to their amazing wedding venue, Starlight Canyon offers a bed and breakfast that can be rented by anyone even if they aren’t a wedding guest. With decorated cabins that are fully furnished, Starlight Canyon is a perfect place to getaway for a romantic staycation. To add to the romance, each cabin has its very own, private hot tub for couples to soak and let the stresses of the day melt away.

Starlight Canyon has a historic background being located in the upper part of Palo Duro Canyon. According to the venue’s website, “Starlight Canyon is a historic site originally slated to be Texas Park #10. The main lodge was built by the Civilian Conservation Corp in 1933 and was originally the state park concession building.” The site is fenced and covers over five acres of land that can be viewed by outside visitors but is also accessible for entry.

Starlight Canyon is part of the second largest canyon in the US, Palo Duro Canyon. The state park sits southeast of Amarillo and is 120 miles long. Palo Duro Canyon has plenty of campgrounds and hiking trails available for visitors to explore such as Capital Peak Trailhead, Lighthouse Trailhead, Rojo Grande Trailhead, Fortress Cliff Campground, Equestrian Camp Area, and Rock Garden Trailhead.

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Map from Starlight Canyon to Classic Cleaning

Map from Starlight Canyon to Amarillo Botanical Gardens